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Carta de agradecimento do Papai Noel


Depois do Natal, por que não receber uma carta do Papai Noel lhe agradecendo o bom comportamento?

Thought the magic of Christmas had to end with the start of the New Year? That Santa and his elves have already signed up for another festive season?

Think again – now’s the perfect time to keep the festive spirit alive and kicking for a little while longer with a letter of thanks from Santa! 

An Inspiring Thank You Note From Santa 

In the countdown to Christmas, millions of kids all over the US sit down with their parents to write their annual letters to Santa Claus. Some want the big guy to know exactly how good they’ve been all year, some have little to share but huge lists of presents and some send their hopes of a wonderful year ahead for the whole family.

For some kids – if their parents send their letters via Elfie – Santa might even send them a personalized reply. Perfect for injecting even more magic and sparkle into the festive season. But now that the dust has settled and the decorations are coming down, why not round things off with a heartfelt thank you letter from Santa Claus?

It’s the kind of simple gesture that has the potential to be incredibly enchanting and memorable for kids of all ages. Kick-starting the new year, Santa thank you letters are a great way of expressing appreciation for your kids’ good behavior throughout 2017 and over the Christmas period.

If there’s anything you’d like to tell them or lessons you’d like them to learn for the year ahead, why not put it all in a premium printable thank you letter from Santa himself? This is the perfect time to have Santa not only express his gratitude for their good behavior last year, but also remind them of the treats, rewards and surprises that may come their way if they continue being good throughout 2018! 

If looking to motivate and inspire your kids for the year ahead, a thank you letter from Father Christmas really could be just the thing! 

A Personalized Thank You From Santa 

As with all of our products, the real beauty of our thank you letters from Santa Claus is the way in which they can be personalized in a variety of ways.

Along with adding your child’s name to the letter in key places, absolutely any message or content you require can be included. Be as specific or general as you like, allowing Santa to inspire your kids for a great year ahead.

There’s no doubt about it – the end of the festive period can be a gloomy time for everyone.

The way we see it therefore, why not extend the festive period a little longer with one of our enchanting letters? Easy to order and delivered in no time at all, it’s a great way of keeping your kids’ Christmas dreams alive and looking forward to the year ahead.

Be sure to check out our full range of products online, or get in touch with a member of the Elfie team for more information.

It can’t be Christmas every day, but this doesn’t mean it has to come to an end just yet!

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